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Elevate Your Child's Education

Embrace the future of education with Innings2 where AI tutoring and parent-child collaboration become the heart of education.


Pave the way for their love of math which will hold them in good stead for competitive exams and the future.


Dive into the textbook of tomorrow, engaging in pair learning alongside your kid, enhancing understanding and enjoyment together.


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Just 15 mins per day

Why 15 minutes? Research indicates that short, focused learning sessions maximize retention and engagement. Our program leverages this principle, delivering concise, impactful lessons that fit into even the busiest of schedules.


Curriculum Oriented

Our content is aligned with the standard educational curriculum like CBSE, ensuring that every minute spent is a step towards mastery. You can follow along with your school. Just better and more fun!


Pair Learning

Learning is better when it is done with others. Go through our courses and learn along with your kid. We promise, we have made it interactive and fun. If you need help, you have our AI to keep you company.

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From Counting to Calculus.

A Comprehensive Journey.

Our curriculum spans the breadth of mathematical education, from the foundational building blocks to the intricate structures of high school math and beyond. Engaging activities, real-world applications, and interactive challenges make learning dynamic and relevant. By dedicating just 15 minutes a day to our program, students don't just learn math—they become fluent in the language of logical thinking and precise communication.



15 minutes a day

Spending just 15 minutes a day, we've had 5th graders master over 2 years of math in a year, entering 6th grade ready to do 8th grade math.


Curriculum Ready

The content can be aligned to match any curriculum. The default structure aligns to CBSE curriculum. The content is smart board ready making it a plug and play system to be used in schools.


More than 10 custom components

Components like Math Canvas, Quiz, Match the following, Swipe, AI Tutor make the learning fun and interactive.


Bite sized content

All the content has been clearly planned in bite sized modules. Students don't feel overwhelmed and concepts are revealed at the right time.


Interactive Math Canvas

Our math canvas component brings math to the virtual world. Protractor, set squares, number lines, algebra squares and many more. Teachers can drag and drop and teach with interactive components on their smart boards.


Regular Updates

The curriculum will be constantly updated keeping in line with the changing times. Our AI tutor changes the content depending on the learning capability of the student.


I like the fact that the chapters are broken down into smaller chunks which helps reduce the overall burden of even doing math in the first place.

Vishwak Sen 8th grade student
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M. Lavanya

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